Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I just asked Caleb what I should write about in my blog entry today and he replied, "me!" So here is a little bit about Caleb. Caleb just turned six years old 2 weeks ago. He was the ultimate hard-headed, cranky, strong-willed child until the age of 4 when he really turned a corner. I was driving down the road yesterday thinking, "Oh my goodness, Caleb is going to be one of those stories that parents tell about their kid being a monster........ I mean "strong-willed", and those listening will think, "what? Caleb?" wow. Caleb has learned to obey and is very helpful around the house. He LOVES working with Seth in the yard. I would say his favorite activity (a part from that) would be riding his bike. Grandaddy got him a new bike for his birthday that is quite big and for him to grow into, yet he has it mastered now and can maneuver it down our steep mulch hill in the front yard. He also loves weapons of any sort including guns, bows, swords and knives. Anytime the boys go to Walmart with grandparents to buy a prize, Caleb wants this $4.00 bow and arrow that usually lasts a week before it breaks. Lately he really likes to play video games on the computer. I try to limit his playing time though because he would rather play the corny online dirtbike games versus the learning games on Of course.

Don't get me wrong. He still can be a challenge when it comes to eating or sleeping. He is a picky eater and still cries and/or flips out at bedtime. He is learning to get along with Adam and to think of others before himself. I do think that it is wonderful how closely Adam arrived after Caleb. They always have a playmate and are constantly learning to share and play nicely with one another. If you can get along with your brother, you can learn to get along with anyone. Well, that may not be the case always, but it is a good practice for life. However, to get along with your brother at this age (in my kid's case), it takes constant parental involvement. People always ask me if the boys get along and I say "about 75% of the time. They are either fighting like dogs or are best friends but they never choose to play alone. They always want to be together."

I will close with the sweetest thing about my Caleb. He loves his cousins with all of his heart! Lucie, Lanie, Kiah, Aaron, Amy and WALKER are his most favorite people. We babysat Lucie, who is 19 months old, overnight about a week ago and he played with her the entire time. She woke up during the night and couldn't get back to sleep so Caleb (who woke up after hearing us) played with her until she got sleepy while I laid on the floor beside them. They next day he cried so hard when she had to leave.

Monday, July 2, 2007

My sweet little Annabelle can say "Moma" now! Everytime she says it my eyes almost well up with tears of joy............or maybe a little sadness knowing that I will never hear another baby say Moma to me for the first time. I will just enjoy the sweetness of it now because I know soon enough I will hear it 324 times a day as another child summons me to their needs. I actually work very hard to not be their "Mommy-servant" and to teach them to take care of themselves......... and others for that matter. It surely doesn't come to them naturally.

I will take a moment to write a little about Annabelle as a nine month old. She is one active little gal! Sweet, but on the move constantly. She is very entertained by her brothers and follows them (as well as she can) wherever they go. We are all amazed at how often she smiles. And get this-she obeys me when I tell her no! The boys were a constant training session at nine months. They challenged me on everything, however it is not that way with Annabelle. One little smack on the hand and she knows not to do it anymore. She might cry a little, but she won't do it more than a couple of times before she gets the picture.

I will say that I am the busiest I have ever been in my life. I took 15-18 hours of classes in college every semester, waitressed part time and worked out obssessively everyday, which made me think I was busy then. Then I graduated and got a fulltime job where I worked 10 hour days, 6 days a week and thought I was busy again. None of that compares to mothering three kids, taking care of my household, homeschooling the boys, and trying to help out my hubby with the business. I think that showing the house is what is putting me over the top nowadays. Not that I am complaining.......I am just trying to explain how busy I I sit here and write about it..........get up, get going...........Annabelle will be up from that nap soon. But now I will be able to look back at this and probably say to myself, "And I thought I was busy then!"

We took the kids to their first real music festival up in Boone in May. It was the Appalachian Roots Revival festival and was so much fun! Caleb, Adam and Kiah especaially enjoyed playing frisbee in the field with Uncle Jonathan and Justin while Annabelle and I hung out on a blanket and listened to some great "old time" Appalachian mountain music. Annie and Adam, some friends of ours from college, were there so they got to meet our little "Annie and Adam" (and Caleb, of course!) That night Justin's sisters watched the kids so we could go back and enjoy the Avett Brothers as they closed the show. What a great day!