Friday, February 27, 2009

My dad called this afternoon around 5:00 and got a tired, frazzled gal on the other end who was just about at the end of her rope with three rowdy kids. You see, I was trying to practice the music for the womens retreat tomorrow with my kids plus a neighbor kid running around, asking me questions, getting into squabbles, etc. etc.. Nothing was getting accomplished at the that point. So Dad said, "let me call your mom and I will call you back."

Fifteen minutes later he calls and says, "Wash the kids' faces and put decent clothes on them cause your mother and I are coming to get them to take them to dinner."


Just what i needed.

An hour later I was in the basement singing and playing music at the top of my lungs ALL BY MYSELF and enjoying every minute!

Thanks so much 'rents! You are the best and always come through for me in my time of need.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Last week I told Annabelle that Nana and Papa were coming up to visit us for the weekend and she said, "Nana bring me prize!" She was quite right. Nana does something special for every holiday throughout the year so this time she brought Valentine gifts and candies. They arrived Friday afternoon and immediately took the kids off my hands and began their weekend of spoiling them. (in a good way) First stop: Toys R Us: Legos for the boys ...... new shoes, purse and baby doll for Annabelle.
I got to have the entire evening to myself so after teaching class at the gym, I went and hung out with friends at Amie's Southern Living at Home party. It really was a treat.
Saturday, Nana and I took the kids to Walmart and Target for MORE legos and new clothes. Annabelle got some Tinkerbell pjs and the boys got a few pairs of those mesh basketball type pants......which they haven't taken off yet. They let me wash them while they bathed yesterday and then put them right back on immediately after. Yep, they definitely love them....nothing better than a pair of comfy pants for Caleb and Adam!
It was a good weekend.....thanks Nana and Papa!

Annabelle uses the phrase, "How 'bout.....(insert whatever she wants)?" all of the time lately. Yesterday in class I noticed myself saying it as well and wondered whether she got it from me or visa versa. Anyhow, my point is that it is really cute and I wish I could post a video for you to see. (still need to figure out the camera situation) For example, as I was dressing her I said, "How 'bout you try wearing panties today?" to which she replies with a big smile and eyebrows raised, "How 'bout a dipah!?" Oh yeah, potty training is not going well.....or at all right now.

Yesterday we tried a new tactic for schooling that really worked well. One of the boys were in charge of playng with Annabelle while I worked one on one with the other and then we switched. I am always trying to figure how we can get some of it done before she goes down for a nap and that worked pretty well. Of course Annabelle loved the special attention from her brothers because she spends most of her time locked out of the rooms they are playing in. (legos and Annabelle do not mix) I will keep you updated on how this all works in the days to come.

I need to wrap this up now and retrieve the boys from their "rest time/time out/time a part". Whatever you may call it.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I just finished up stuffing the boys clean laundry into their drawers. My philosophy for the boys' clothes is, "they are BOYS, they don't have to match or have any variation in their wardrobe....just as long as the clothes are relatively clean." Also, I refuse to have more than one dresser in their room, so when the laundry is almost caught up, the drawers are bulging. Which reminds me how much I am over winter and ready for spring. Just the clothing situation alone makes for an easier life in the warm months. I can't wait until all we need are shorts, t-shirts and a pair of flip flops (or no shoes at all) How much simpler it is! Ahh, warm weather when we can be outside and aren't constantly catching colds...... One more month to go!

Yesterday we went to a funeral for Sue, a dear friend that my family used to be very, very close with when I was little. They moved away but have always held a very special place in our hearts. The funeral was precious and a considerable reminder of the fact that we (as well as our loved ones) are not guaranteed another moment on this earth. I wish I lived life with more of that perspective. Caleb came along to the funeral and was so very good. (It was long so I was quite thankful for Trinity's looooong services my boys have grown accustomed to sitting through)

We are looking forward to this evening because Nana and Papa are coming to see us. I am sure I will have lots of pictures and stories to post for you about all of that!


The purple background is for Annabelle who lets us know constantly that purple is her FAVORITE color.

Oh yeah, and if you will be at Trinity this Sunday, make sure to bring your percussion instruments. Kathy and I are introducing a new praise song that rocks! I am sure everyone will be dancing to the Lord...... he he he.... ;)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a few more weekend pictures

Annabelle and Lucie came inside that evening for a bit of dress-up and dancing.

Caleb roasted lots of hot dogs....for others to eat.

Looking at the stars with Mimi

Annabelle can be a little contrary at times.

Mimi's got the whole little set-up worked up now for the cookout.

Jonathan and Beth were up for the weekend

One tired little gal

Monday, February 16, 2009

Caleb is friendly.

That is putting it mildly. I mean, I am almost baffled at how much he loves to be with others. If you speak to that kid and by chance he doesn't respond, he is either not listening (most probable) or just being a jerk (Okay, equally as probable) But, most likely, he will speak to you first because he just loves people. The house next door just sold recently and Caleb was determined to 1. help the non-kid loving, unfriendly neighbors move out and then 2. meet the new neighbors and learn all about them. You should have seen how excited he was to see them out playing int he yard when we got home yesterday evening. Adam seems to follow right along with him too although I am sure he wouldn't be quite as outgoing without Caleb around. This used to be almost annoying to me as we just had to talk and meet everyone we saw at the park or beach or wherever we were hanging out. Now, I am getting used to it and have come to except and know that it is a good thing.

Annabelle, on the other hand, is not necessarily "painfully shy" as some are, but is nothing like her brothers. She is more like me and gets kinda nervo0us talking to people. Having a kid like her makes me more thankful that the boys are so naturally drawn to others. I want her to feel comfortable talking to people (of all ages....not just her own.)

On to something else.....Lorie, Justin and Kiah came into town and stayed with us for the weekend. We had a great time hanging out with them and celebrating Kiah's birthday. It never ceases to amaze me to watch my children with their cousins. They love each other (same for the Harrison side as well) more than you can imagine! It was so cute to listen to them play "dogs" with Kiah on Saturday afternoon.......although the mess they made wasn't so cute. The birthday party was a major hit with everyone since it was at Fun Depot. I have never seen that place so crowded, but it was still tons of fun. Here are a few pictures from Beth:
(I will add more as I collect them from mom and Justin)

the bumper cars were a huge favorite because the kids could actually drive them. It was hilarious to watch Aunt Amie go at it.....she has such a natural talent for driving and maneuvering things like that. Lorie and me on the other hand...... :) We have other talents like climbing walls :)

That night we went to Mimi's house to roast hot dogs over the fireplace for dinner. The kids ran around wild for a while and then we all sat around and told stories by the fire. We even heard a few from Mom and Dad that I hadn't known about. very cool time indeed.

I meant to mention this in a previous post but it keeps slipping my mind. I wanted to give props to my "in-law and in-law to-bes" (fingers crossed on the latter) on their Christmas gifts. I went to a after-Christmas party a couple of weeks ago where we all brought the gifts we weren't so crazy about to "regift" in that nasty-santa/white elephant game. I realised that I truly loved everything I got this Christmas and had nothing to regift. Seriously, I got the best gifts ever this year. Beth, Jonathan's girlfriend gave me an awesome burgundy fleece pullover that I have worn at least every other day. (she buys us all gifts even though she is not supposed to)Seth's sister, Angie gave me a killer scarf that I wear everywhere these days and just happens to coordinate with the fleece. Then to top it all off, Justin drew my name in the sibling swap and made me the coolest iron dinner bell in the entire world. It sure will beat yelling at the top of my lungs for the boys to come home from the neighbors. I can't wait to put it up on our little timber framed porch in our next house as well. The picture just can't do it is much cooler. and it is handmade.....which is the best ever.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Let's get real

After my sweet comments from some of you on my last post I wrote a comment that needs to be included in a post:

I feel like I need to clarify that EVERYTHING I say in regards to parenting, homeschooling or whatever else is 100% regurgitated from what others have said or written. AAANNNDD that I don't do that great of a job practicing what I preach. I think I appear to have it together more than the reality of it all. Cause I don't.

In fact, I'm pretty sure that I have never produced an original thought in my life. Most everything I say or advise to people is something that another person has told me at one time and I have found true through my own experiences. This is especially true with parenting. So keep these things in mind when you read all that I have to say.....

I have been thinking a lot about this for the last couple of days and I hope that I don't come across like any sort of model mother. In fact, Annabelle has regressed tremendously in her potty training and is in fact wearing a diaper as I type this. After cleaning up multiple accidents a day that rarely are only wet, I gave up. So, truly, don't think I am the one that can give potty training advice! AAANNND, we battled the bed today at naptime finally. ( though it was short and sweet)

Parenting is truly the hardest job I have ever had. It is humbling.

But I wouldn't trade it for the world!

(old picture.....but it was all I could find in a time crunch)

Monday, February 2, 2009

In the past week Annabelle has potty trained and moved into a toddler bed. How about that? I have been waiting for her to climb out of the crib before moving her, but then realised that she might never try it as she tends to be so cautious. So we went ahead and moved her anyhow for no real reason aside from wanting rid of the crib.

Here is the astonishing thing: she hasn't gotten out of her bed without permission yet!!! I can't believe it after the battle this issue was with the boys. I was ready for it...spoon in hand...but she just stayed in there. How nice! I think girls are just smarter than boys. (just kidding)

I would put up some pictures, but remember, my camera is broken. It is hard to make an interesting post without pictures.