Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I have been putting off posting because I really don't know where to begin......not that too much has happened here.....I just haven't written in a here it is.....
We had a lovely Christmas. We normally go down to Georgia to see the Harrison side of the family for a few days before Christmas and drive home Christmas Eve to celebrate here on Christmas morning. This year was a little different because Seth really needed to work so we went down the day after instead for the weekend. So it went like this:

Christmas morning here: The kids got up around 8 and we had a relaxing time opening presents. One of my favorite parts was watching Annabelle get her kitchen mainly because the boys were just as excited FOR her as they have known for a while she would be getting it. Adam was the most interested in the aquarium Seth got for them. He can't wait to fill it with fish and spent the day preparing the tank for them with Seth.

Christmas Evening: We went to my family's house for dinner and presents. It was delicious and we got Season passes to Dollywood again from them. Thank you!!!! Aunt Leslie didn't get to make it this year because of work so we were all in mourning over that. We sure did miss her. Mimi worked herself to death with everything and ended up sick with guessed it........pneumonia, the next day. She got some meds and is on the mend now. Talk about super woman who can prepare a feast and gathering like that despite being that sick. (BTW, we didn't realise how bad off she was or we would have put her to bed right away)

Annabelle got a huge kick out of wearing a dress that matched Kiah.
Thank you Aunt Angie for the awesome hand-me-downs!

Aunt Leslie sent the boys marshmallow guns. They love them!

Granny, Papaw, Aunt Karen and Uncle Gary all come to dinner as well.

Friday: Headed off to GA and had dinner and present time with the Harrisons that evening. The weekend was relaxing and fun. When we go down there for a visit, the boys are literally off and gone for the weekend playing nicely with their cousins. Walker and Caleb pair off and play while Amy and Adam are together somewhere else. It is so nice for them to be so happy and occupied. Annabelle spent her time entertaining everyone with singing, dancing and other funny stuff. She is quite the entertainer and loves to be the center of attention!

The kids table

Have I mentioned how cute Aaron is? 18 months old, all boy and reminds me SOOOOO much of Caleb and Adam.

Annabelle LOOOVES her Uncle Johnny! She immediately took her presents that needed to be put together to him so he could help her out. See that face she is making? She does that all of the time. I have to get a better picture of it.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Things are getting a little back to normal around here. Last Friday, Seth took me to the Urgent Care where they determined I had pneumonia and put me on antibiotics. Saturday evening, my mom got back in town from a business trip and brought me to her house so she could take care of me and the kids while Seth worked. I just came home last night because I am finally feeling a little better....weak...but better.

So here we are.....almost a month later. Doing better. Thanks so much for all of the well wishes and all. You are all very sweet.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 12, 2008

sick sick sick

I am actually a little afraid to post now because I am sure I lost some major brain cells with my fever over the last couple of weeks. I have ran a fever anywhere from 100 to 104 degrees and I am pretty sure that is brain damage range. So, I will warn you ahead of time if the quality of my writing has gone down a bit.
Yeah, I have had the flu for 12 days now. I still have it. I have been in bed for most of those days and spent the others wishing I could have been in bed. I definitely don't want to get on here and whine and complain, I just thought I would update everyone on our family's happenings. Seth took the kids to Georgia over the weekend and I went to my mom's house. Seth said that his family is all aware of Annabelle being a genius now. (just kidding) They were amazed by her vocabulary and she enjoyed entertaining Nana and Papa all weekend. Caleb said he had a great time building HUGE forts in the woods with Walker and Adam said he and Amy had fun playing "animals". When they got home, they stayed at Mimi's house during the day while Seth worked and sat in the bed with me a little. I had missed them so much. That was the longest I had ever been away from Annabelle. Then Seth came and got them and I stayed there at night until Wednesday. Now I am home and if I work it just right with my meds, I can keep the fever down. Thankfully, Seth has been Mr. Mom and Mimi has taken very good care of me. Aunt Amie even sent us dinner one night.

So, y'all all pray for me to get better. My kids are going to be retarded from all of the television they have watched.

And most importantly:

(I have heard that the flu nose spray is even more effective)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Disco Style this time- I love these things!

Make sure you set it to full screen and let it load completely for a better view.