Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Quick overview on life over the past few weeks: 

Jonathan and I took the kids to an extended family reunion down near Maggie Valley a few weeks ago. After getting a late start and then getting a bit lost (gasp, can you imagine ME getting lost!?),  we basically missed the reunion itself and arrived as everyone was packing up and heading out.  However, it turned out to be an awesome day because we went to my great Uncle Roy's house and picked his brain for old family stories.  Jonathan got some names and facts straightened out for his genealogy research while the kids and I went with my cousin, Jennifer, and her kids to the cabin that Uncle Roy moved piece by piece from way up on a mountain years ago.  The cabin is well over a hundred years old and was the birthplace of Julius Ball (my great grandfather).  very very cool.   Caleb and Adam played with Jennifer's son Grayson (if she is my third cousin, what does that make them to one another?)  in the huge bank behind the cabin.  When we got back over to Uncle Roy's house, Caleb announced to everyone that he had actually found heaven on earth over there. 
I am not one that ever cares about the kids getting dirty.  It is a good thing. 
 Annabelle was thrilled that she got to give Baby Fara a bottle. so dang sweet. 
The next reunion is in a few weeks for just the immediate Ball Family.  I can't wait.  We will revisit that cabin and I will get pictures.  My greatest hope is that Aunt Venie busts out into an old mountain ballad.  She said she had a sore throat this past time and left kinda early.


Another highlight of the month was the Girl's Night Slumber Party.  My friend, Jen, had all of the moms and daughters over for a night of nail painting, dancing, cupcakes, and chick flicks. There was a lot of screaming and giggling going on as well.   Annabelle and I only stayed from 6-9 which turned out to be perfect. 

We also went up to Graveyard Fields for some blue berry pickin' and waterfall swimmin'. Don't I look like a professional picker with my milk jug on my belt?  Well, I am serious about my berries.  I was on a mission that is always shorter than I would like with whiny kids that just "have to go swimming in the waterfall!" Nah, the kids did pretty well and hung in there for longer than I thought they would.  We were with friends who kindly took the boys to the falls while I harvested just a few more berries for the freezer. Annabelle was an angel as long as I carried her in the backpack. 
We worked a water station at the Cheshire Pump and Run 5K. 
And of course there were more pool days!
One day Amie and I had all of the grandkids together.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Can you believe it is August already?

Thanks to generous friends with boats to share, we've made a few trips to Lake James lately.  Talk about fun times!  One Saturday we went with the Rayments and The Kings and all piled into their boat to shuttle across the lake to a little beach where we played and swam all afternoon.  That night we dropped our kiddos off with Moma and Daddy and then went back for a late evening cookout at the Lauren's house and played music.   It was an awesome day!

Annabelle and Annalee snacking in the shade:

Here we are packed in to the boat as we left.  There were 17 people (9 adults, 8 kids) in all! 

On the ride home after our lake day with the Bobilya's, each person told their favorite part of the day (a little tradition we love).  The boys both said tubing and in particularly when Mr. Dana made them "catch some air", Annabelle said swimming and Seth said wake-boarding.  My favorite part was holding baby Lia while she slept......oh my, baby fever! I adore her.

Next time Ami says I HAVE to try water skiing. I have always shied away from it  and let the boys tube more but I think I just might have a go next time.  I talked her out of doing it that day seeing as she just had a baby 6 weeks ago and I was afraid she'd rip her c-section right open!  Next time we are out though, the moms get a turn!  

Annabelle and me watching the boys tube:
(she is nervous when we ride in the boat but relaxes a bit as the day goes on...)
It was a REALLY unusual 72 degrees that day so the water was warmer than the air.

Here are a few pictures from our afternoon at the Watering Hole with Amanda, Jude and Abby.  
Look at these guys!  Does it get any cuter!!!??