Monday, August 17, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The pictures in this post will just have to be out of order. I will not be spending any time arranging them at this time.

They are from 2 different summer adventures. The first is last Thursday when we hiked to some falls with Courtney and 3 of her kids.

The second is us riding bikes on the Biltmore Estate. Both days were awesome.

Annabelle was such a good girl both days. She just goes with the flow and watches the action most of the time.

We stopped by Seth's baseball game after hiking. He plays for an Over Thirty league where baseball is finally just a game! Don't get me wrong, they are still serious and very competitive, but it doesn't govern life. Courtney informed me that he dad actually still plays for and Over-Sixty team-- Baseball--not softball! Looks like we are going to be at the ballpark for many years to come!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I probably should write some sort of reflective post considering that tomorrow Seth and I will celebrate our tenth anniversary and Caleb is 8 years old, but truthfully, (and obviously) I haven't been in blogging mode lately. Don't worry though, I am one big phase so I will probably be back to it in a month or so. Until then, I give you another picture post. Here are some things we've been up to this summer:

We stopped by Lake Hartwell to hang out with the Bobilyas this past weekend. The boys got to ride the tube with Mr. Dana. Annabelle had no interest in even getting in the boat much less the tube. She is so different from the boys! She was perfectly content to stay on the shore with me while I read.

We spent the weekend down in Georgia with the Harrisons. It was a pretty laid back time. Nice break.

Don't ya just love Caleb's expression in this picture? He isn't as angry as he looks.... just annoyed at me for wanting a priceless cousin picture.

Anytime my Dad has Lanie and Lucie for the evening because Chuck has tennis and Amie is at a SLAH gathering or party, he usually calls me up with plans for us to get in on. This time it was the circus. We aren't talking the Ringling and Bros. Circus. This was a local LOW budget outfit that sets up at the Ag Center. It was quite an adventure. We all got a huge kick out of the entire production. My favorite quote from the evening was when I asked Annabelle what her favorite part of the circus was. She said, "My favowite paht was when the big lady climbed up the rope in she panties." Lucie and Annabelle were thoroughly impressed with all of the sparkling leotards. Lanie loved the dogs the most.

My friends, Paul and Amy invited us to join them at Bull Creek Ranch for a couple of afternoons last week. That place is definitely one of our most favorite spots to be so we jumped at the chance to get over there. We swam, fished, kayaked, canoed, and whittled. It was lovely.