Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Few Things

The kids love to go down to the creek that runs near Cheshire after class. I use it as a bribe once in a while when they are cranky and protest childcare. A couple of weeks ago, they collected about a hundred tadpoles from a mud hole/pond down there and we've been watching them morph into frogs since then. Adam is particularly fascinated with them and is constantly feeding and watching them. He is my little "critter-lover".

We warned our neighbors that if they feel like there are more frogs about this summer, it is because of our little project.

This is the only picture I have from the Song Circle we had at church a few weeks back. I am not sure why we all look so solemn here, because it was a delightful evening of music. The night's purpose was to raise money for our Music Director's incredible songs so that they can, in turn, be shared with other churches. We each got to sing about 5 songs- one Dylan cover, another one had to be a Beatles cover and then one "guilty pleasure" song. I loved learning all of the new songs and having a microphone to sing into! We are doing another one in the fall and will be doing Wilco and Dolly Parton covers. I can't wait!

More Baseball photos:

The boys are having a good time and getting better with each game. Seth amazes us all with his patience and coaching skills during the games. It can be a little frustrating at times when everyone is yelling something different at the players.

Football sign-up time has arrived and the boys have been dying to play since last year. Seth told them that they had to play baseball first and then we might try football. I think the decision is still up in the air as we really hope to be out of here by the fall.

I say sign them up so it raises the chances for the house to sell

Annabelle does well at the games and I don't have to miss much aside from our many bathroom trips.

Lastly, this is a photo from my SURPRISE birthday party last week. My sweet sis, Amie, coordinated a fun evening out with some girlfriends after class. She gave me a cute new dress and tricked me into bringing my shoes to wear out. We had a wonderful time and I felt so very loved and special. thanks Amie-you are the BEST!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Annabelle was a flower girl last weekend at our friends, Jon and Beth's wedding. She was precious and completely cooperative to my surprise and delight. The rehearsal/out-of-towners dinner was at the Grove Park Inn and was without doubt the best food I have eaten in years. We were the only natives had a great time meeting folks from all over the country. Annabelle was a dream child and she and I spent most of our evening the dance floor. It is a good thing I like to dance as much as her! She was having a blast and didn't even want to go when things were winding down around 10:00pm!

The ceremony and reception were at Claxton Farms which naturally made it one of the most beautiful settings in the country. It was the first time they used the newly constructed "barn" as part of the festivities.

This is during the ceremony. The girls walked down with these cute little parasols and then frolicked in the grass behind until we grabbed them and gave them some crackers and lip gloss to keep them busy.

How is this for some cheesing? I just love the background in the picture which was the view surrounding the entire farm.

Annabelle loved the other flower girls and they were fast friends upon meeting. They spent the evening grabbing grapes and cheese and DANCING!

Oh, I love weddings with all of the flowers and favors and cakes and decor!