Saturday, December 11, 2010

 Since the salon where Lorie works was closed for Sunday, we had the place all to ourselves to get ready.  now THAT was cool.  

We made a great team with those Cole sisters and busted out some serious hair make up and nails that day!

Biggest wedding foul ever- asking the bride to please trim your son's unruly hair 3 hours before the ceremony. 

Daddy arriving to pick up Lorie

Aren't our jackets cute?  Lorie bought them for us as a gift!

Rehearsal Dinner

 Lorie decided to have a costume party for the rehearsal dinner considering it was close to Halloween and the fact that costumes are incredibly AWESOME.  Let me tell you, it was a great idea!  It was hilarious.......and fun........and how could anyone be anything but laid back and happy if the Easter Bunny is walking a cute 40's sailor girl down the aisle to wed a gorilla?  After we practiced the ceremony, we went to the Cole's house for dinner.  Justin's family definitely know how to entertain!  His brother is a chef out in LA and prepared fabulous appetizers and a delicious meal.  It was heavenly. 

Best Sibling picture ever.  I made sure that Lorie thought it would be funny for me to be dressed as a bride and she loved the idea.  Jonathan was a mariachi band player but he is missing his little ukulele in this photo.
I wish I knew what was making Adam look like that.
maybe it was the banana being chased by the gorilla!

Cute little cheerleaders!

As the night wore on, we all started switching costumes and wigs in particular. 

Moma and Jonathan grabbed some of Dad's accessories.

Chuck and Paul had the BEST wigs so we grabbed them.  

Needless to say, it was a blast.  It was very funny to meet people for the first time in costume.

Leslie and Paul somehow ended up with Justin's gorilla costume on. 

We Bartletts fell in love with that Cole family that night.  We knew that Lorie and Kiah were getting something special in Justin, but we were overjoyed to find that they were also gaining an awesome extended fam too.