Monday, November 15, 2010

Moving right along through October festivities brings us to a highlight of my year, well, heck, a highlight of my entire life............. the wedding.  Lorie, Justin and Kiah became an official family on October 24th and it was the sweetest thing you could imagine.  The weather was about 20 degrees higher than the average in Boone in October making it a gorgeous fall day.

But wait, I am getting ahead of myself.  We have to start with Friday and the bridal shower. Moma and Daddy rented a phat (Amie's words) house in Blowing Rock so we could all stay together for the weekend and we invited the girls over for a party.  Lorie loves accessories and we all got her something of the sort as a present. 
She busted her toe earlier in the week so she had to trade her cute boots in for some slippers while she opened gifts. 

Leslie and Paul flew in from California on Thursday and Aunt Teresa drove over from the NC coast on Friday. It was awesome to have them here!
We have always loved the movie Steel Magnolias so I read lines from the movie we played a "Name that Character" game.  It was hilarious and I got to cuss in front of my mother which is always funny.  Later in the evening we watched the movie together and laughed and wept just like old times. 
Amie organised this whole party and made the sweets for us to enjoy! 

Lorie and Amie and Amy Cole her new sister inlaw

Cathy, Justin's mom and Sara, Justin's sister. 
The Cole sisters with  Holly (Justin's brother's girlfriend)

The main activity for the evening was flower arrangements and bouquets.  Mom and Lorie went with a friend to a whole sale florist that morning and bought tons of beautiful flowers.  We laid them all out on the table and mom guided us as we made our own bouquets.  It was pretty fun and they turned out to be perfect and exactly what Lorie had envisioned. 
Lorie' bouquet.  Impressive, huh?  My mom is the most talented lady to ever live. 
Everyone working hard
We made 5 of these for the church and reception.  


Becky Swann said...

Oh I love all of it, love hearing about the details of the wedding! Happy for your sister!

KatieKate said...

love love love

I made my flowers too... well, we all made my flowers. It was so fun. Your mom is awesome!!!

Um, hello gorgeousness in the photos. Everyone looks so pretty!